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SPIRIT: There’s something in the air.

Work without the parking brake on. Seamless freedom, thanks to truly mobile processes. Experience never-before-seen data quality snd transparency across all platforms. Build and operate your own applications, as individual as your company. It’s finally all here. All of this is available in the SPIRIT Suite from EASY. A new SPIRIT for you.

Digital transformations faster, with SPIRIT!

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Place your company at the forefront of digital transformation. With SPIRIT2Design, you can keep up with today’s product cycles. It’s simple: SPIRIT2Design revolutionises application development, integrating customised functions in a flash. That means you’re ready to benefit from your custom applications even more quickly. Shine with quality and a never-before-seen breadth of functions. Set new standards.

Our partners have been waiting on SPIRIT!

As an EASY partner, you give your customers what they want. You create new applications, and mobilise whole software systems and processes based on a central platform. Whether you need individual solutions for your customers or highly-scalable and standardised applications for a broad market. The SPIRIT Suite is your solution. It’s never been possible to develop customer solutions so efficiently before.

Process optimisation: Mobility without boundaries!

Now, mobility is your competitive advantage. With customised apps, you free your team from spatial and schedule-based restrictions. SPIRIT accelerates your processes, securely delivering you into the mobile era. It works simply, with end-to-end controls and no media disruptions. It works on all operating systems and devices, around the clock. Be there, even when you’re away. SPIRIT makes it possible.

Enterprise Mobility – success with SPIRIT!

The digital transformation is taking place in more and more companies. One core issue is the mobilisation of tasks, people, and organisations. This raises the question of how to make your company’s business processes available on a mobile basis. We have a simple answer: With EASY SPIRIT!

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Marcel Rosenbaum

„With the SPIRIT Suite, we are offering our customers and partners a 2Design platform and complete 2Go applications. These allow you to deal with topics like mobility and integration at the highest levels. The SPIRIT Suite is the engine for digital transformation in your company.“

Marcel RosenbaumSPIRIT Suite „anywhere“


SPIRIT in practice – well maintained!

Maintaining technical systems can sometimes be inefficient. Telephone calls with the main office, missing parts, orders and logs still kept on paper – all of these can slow up both internal and external service providers. Of course, you could follow the example of one German heating equipment manufacturer. They use a service and maintenance app based on SPIRIT. It distributes maintenance orders, serves as a central communication hub, logs all work steps, and synchronises data with company systems. The result? The back end’s workload is reduced, and service efficiency and quality are increased. What more could you want?

SPIRIT in practice – say goodbye to paper!

Vacation management from EASY is spreading that holiday feeling. With an app based on the SPIRIT Suite, EASY employees can submit their holiday requests anywhere and at any time. Supervisors compare the data with the team holiday schedule at a glance in the app, and can approve requests from a mobile device. This allows for optimal resource planning. Integrated push notifications give both employees and supervisors a complete overview at all times. That means less work for everyone involved, resulting in much better transparency.



SPIRIT in practice – in a class all its own!

With the digital class register, thanks to SPIRIT there’s a new atmosphere in the classrooms of a global language school: Teachers can document their classrooms and take attendance faster and with more transparency than ever before using their own SPIRIT app. In this way, SPIRIT creates more time for interaction with students and helps optimise teaching.