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SPIRIT: Enterprise Mobility



Your business on the go.

With EASY Spirit, enterprise mobility is child’s play. Implementation doesn’t have to be difficult, even if corporate structures are complex. With the help of a wide variety of business apps for any imaginable process, companies create better efficiency by using mobile solutions to integrate even colleagues who are on the go.

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The challenge: Mobility.

Companies face the challenge of keeping both their customers and employees satisfied. Employees need to be able to work efficiently – even on the go. Limitless freedom is a challenge you can overcome quickly and easily with the help of enterprise mobility. Apps are one way to increase the speed of business processes. Mobile applications provide easy access to any information, at any time, anywhere, and on any device – and they do it easily and with little complication.

The solution: EASY SPIRIT.

Implementing enterprise mobility doesn’t have to be complicated, not even if corporate structures are complex. With EASY SPIRIT, EASY is offering a standardised development platform for mobile apps, supporting core value creation processes in your company.

Advantages for users with enterprise mobility:

Optimised business processes
Increased user flexibility & mobility
Increased user productivity
Improved collaboration between users
Faster decision-making processes

*Source: IDC Central Europe GmbH

App development at the highest level. Four times faster!

At a glance.

  • Improved value creation and efficiency
  • Faster processes and transparency
  • Cost and time savings
  • Better customer and employee satisfaction
  • Better image through using modern technology
  • Improved data quality, data management and data availability
  • Simple integration into existing systems
  • Lower investment cost
  • Most secure cloud technology, either in your computing centre or the computing centre